I Wish To Become A PA, What Does This Job Involve?


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A PA is a personal assistant. With such a general title you can be expected to carry out an extensive list of tasks and no two days ever tend to be the same. Depending on who you are working as a PA for, the job can be very rewarding and enjoyable with a great opportunity to learn or it can be hard work, demanding long hours and pretty thankless. In any case your time as a PA is sure to never be wasted as no matter what you find yourself doing you are sure to learn something. PA's are responsible for a variety of administrative and clerical duties necessary to run their employer's lifestyle efficiently. The most common duties of the PA include handling travel arrangements such as booking flights and accommodation, planning and scheduling meetings and appointments, maintaining a neat and tidy office including super-efficient filing system, answering and shielding telephone calls, maintaining an up-to-date database and keeping a firm grasp on all your employer's appointments. A funny film worth watching before considering a career as a PA is 'the devil wears prada' starring Meryl Streep.

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