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I think you'd probably struggle to find anyone who has something good to say about child labor, as most developed countries have laws to prevent the employment of children.

In countries where child labour is still rife, the effects on future generations can be devastating.

Why is child labour used?

Historically, child labour has been used in every part of the world at one point or another (think 1800s British factory and workhouse children). However, in today's society, it is widely acknowledged that the advantages that come with child labour will always be outweighed by the negative effects of depriving children of their childhood.

To fully understand the negative side of child labour, I feel it's important to examine why people employ children in the first place:

  • Children cost significantly less to employ (some will even work for nothing)
  • They are less likely to speak up against unfair, unhealthy or even hazardous working conditions
  • Children are able to use their small stature to their advantage in areas like mining
  • They are easily manipulated and taken advantage of
Why is child labour bad?

Now that we understand the benefits an employer stands to gain from putting children to work, we can better understand the perils children might face:

  • Exposure to unhealthy or hazardous conditions
  • Being forced to work long hours for very little money
  • Being coerced into doing tasks that adult employees would normally refuse to do
Whilst the above list sounds shocking enough, it doesn't even take into consideration the effect that children missing out on their education, innocence and childhood has.

In social terms, it is likely to result in a generation of uneducated and unbalanced adults with a low life expectancy. Even in strictly economic terms, having a population like that is likely to have more of a negative impact than can be offset against the marginal benefits of employing children in the first place.

Some facts about child labour

Whilst reading up on child labour, I came across some truly shocking facts. For instance, did you know that millions of children around the world are still being put to work?

This is the breakdown of the global child workforce:
  • Latin America/Caribbean: 17 million
  • Africa: 80 million
  • Asia: 153 million
  • Ocenia 0.5 million
Child labour conditions around the world will vary, and some of the work that children are being forced in to honestly makes me shudder. The industries and vocations involved are varied, but the risks that children face include:
  • Dangerous work in the mining industry
  • Toiling in farms and agricultural environments
  • Spending hours in uncomfortable positions whilst weaving rugs and carpets
  • Scavenging through tips and rubbish dumps
  • Working in chains or other restraints
  • Working in sexually abusive environments or pushed into the commercial sex trade.

For further information, I'd suggest you check out the website of the charity goodweave.com
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sam unknown answered
I honestly think that children should really get the opportunity to live and have a childhood. I do not believe that children should work at a young age. They should concentrate on school work and school-related activities so that they can form their individual behavior before deciding on who they are and what they want to do with their lives.
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Herbert S. answered
It depends on your definition of child labor. If it is simple chores, then I believe youngsters should undergo such training for their adulthood.

However, if you are talking about miners and physical labors, then I strongly disagree. Not only does that limit the potential for the kids to become historical figures, it changes their mind and psychology. For example, they will see adults as "rapists, psychopaths, abusing, and unfair."

You see, people who are greedy and prefers profit than people's lives, will choose children and female workers than males. Why? The female and children are easier to control and to force to do physical labor. Also, it is hard for them to enforce higher wages.

Overall, child labor is another definition of "stupidity."
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Arthur Wright answered
It's the worst thing for any child and any adult caught taking advantage of these kids like this should be shot to death on the spot. It's degrading, immoral, demoralizing, deprives a child of their childhood, destroys dreams and hopes.

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