What are types of job you can have if you know 4 languages. I know there is a translator and interpreter any others?


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One of my people in India could speak English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and Konkani. She was excellent as my office manager. We had an operation that required her to manage processes all over the sub continent (and talk to me in England). She could check the quality of text processing in all those languages (we were processing newspapers into a form that can be read on a smart phone). I don't know what languages you know, but I suspect there are similar jobs still out there.
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You can try being a language instructor, I'm sure there are lots of people who would want to learn of the languages that you know. There's also editing essays or articles. If you are also interested in being a translator/interpreter there's always an opening in the many translations companies out there, just like in Day Translations.
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You can also work as a representative for a company with an overseas office or are transacting with foreign nationals who speak the language you do.

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