What Medical Breakthroughs Can You Remember?


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I remember receiving the first polio vaccines.  The artificial heart and organ transplants first took place during my lifetime. 

Throughout history there was the invention of the microscope by van Leeuwenhoek.  Louis Pasteur discovered a cure for rabies and invented the pasteurization process.  Joseph Lister is credited with the antiseptic method.  Edward Jenner and Robert Koch and the breakthrough in vaccines for smallpox and cholera and the work on TB.  Walter Reed's work to wipe out malaria when the Panama Canal was being built.  Banting and Grant in Canada discovering insulin, and of course Fleming's discovery of penicillin.  We can't forget the breakthroughs that have occurred in the treatment of cancer.  These are just a drop in the bucket, and what is yet to come will be astounding.
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All the above and more i agree but my personal choice would be DNA as a break through it has saved thousands of people and caught thousands. So this is great medical breakthrough.
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Wow I agree with you, desertkid this shows that there a lot of informed members, knowledgeable in many subjects. I thought it was thrilling to think of the impact of the first instant pregnancy test that, in the the early summer of 1973 I was the first to test in the county where I lived. I also learned that same day that Penicillin /antibiotics will cause a false-positive. Imagine my surprise when a perfect circle appeared on my side of the slide!
Alas, I knew doctor's were slow to accept progress when I had to wait several days for the results of my real pregnancy test to get back from the lab where I'm certain they used a slide.
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Jonas Salk invented the polio vaccine, and Robert Jarvik for the artificial heart, and Fleming and Florey for penicillin. Hope this helps.

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