What Is The Worst Thing You Can Do To A Teacher You Hate?


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Yasir Baqar answered
I don't hate any of my teacher, but i can have conflicts.

Teacher are our Soul Parents and with parents i can't even think to do any worst thing.

You might have some conflict ions with him or her not hating.

Be in peace and think that why do you have such conflicti ons, after all they are our teacher.
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Do really well at school and when they congratulate you- say "Thanks, it just goes to show even bad teachers can make a difference..."
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Get them fired and let no other school take them.. Thats the worst it can get.. Take their profession out of their life.. But so far i had just got one teacher called by our principal.. She was an @ss..!! So i got her reported.. =) it really depends how i hate her.. =) i can be mean when she/he is.. As long as i am right..
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Act like you like her or him
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I would smash her knees and strap a bomb to her chest and run a thousand miles.
What would you do?
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heather hilton
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I would tie them up on chair tortuage them and then I would make them swallow a bomb and then run till I was thousands of miles away from them and then blow them up along with the school.
Rebecca  Fitzpatrick
Fine, if your sayin you will do that prove it.
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Act like whatever she or he does, does not bother me, it hurts them worse to be ignored, but whatever you do be a good student that also hurts them because they love to discuss whom they think will fail and who will pass the best to you....

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