What Do You Think About People Taking Their Lives And Their Families Because Of Losing Jobs And Their Lively Hood?


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I think that they aren't rational people. I think that they were unhappy to being with and the lil things like that had set them off to a lil land called crazy land. I think that aren't happy to begin they should do something that makes them happy. People at one point or another were happy what were they doing then when they were is what that kind of person has to ask themselves.
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Although this is a very tough and hard predicament to be in, there's always a way out either with family or friends that could be there to help. Sometimes it's the own person's self-esteem and confidence that will help battle their way out of this type of situation. When found in this, you have to commit to getting out and make the best decisions for yourself!
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If there were no hard times would you really enjoy or appreciate the good times, these times are ordained by God we have gone to far astray this is how God gets your attention......Peace
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Life is a mystery and I no that we will all face trials pertaining to life but to take your life and your family is just crazy.My Hope is that our people and all people will see another way to deal with this and their problems.
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It is a difficult situation,but to me these people have no belief system,on belief in God,themselves etc,they are adding to the situation,hope there was life insurance for all,if you feel weak do you not a entire family...come on now.......
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