What Is The One Thing You Can Do Better Than Anyone Else?


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I don't think that there is one person in this whole wide world that can do one thing better than anyone else.  There will always be someone that would be better than you.  That is a fact
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Senzy M
Senzy M commented
This question relates to talents and skills, not in the literal meaning of "better than anyone else". And who said anything about the whole world...?
Katherine Profile
Katherine answered
Im great at writing
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Donna Mckenzie answered
I can make anyone laugh there off! Haha
-love donna
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ly fen chen answered

I speak several languages like : English, French, Mandarin, Thai, and Cambodian, these are what I can do than others, but I know, there are some people can do more than me, we are not the ones in the world, so each person has his/her skill of other things as well.

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