Who Is The Blonde Male Model For Chaps Menswear? His Face Is Scruffy With Beard And Is Seen On Chaps Home Page As Well As Ads For Kohls And Goody's Stores.he Looks A Little Like Patrick Dempsey


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Chaps Menswear uses a number of blonde and bearded male models. There are therefore a number of people who could fit the criteria you are outlining. The male model could be any one of the following people: Matt McColm, Franz Hostalka, or Kevin Rice.

• Matt McColm

Matt McColm is a male model, actor and stuntman from the United States of America. He has appeared in Ralph Lauren and Chaps marketing campaigns, as well as in the television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Night Man. McColm also appeared in the film The Matrix Reloaded. He has also been a stunt double in well-known films such as Mr. And Mrs. Smith, the Green Hornet, Vacancy and Die Hard 4.0.

• Franz Hostalka

Franz Hostalka has been a male model for Chaps Menswear and Ralph Lauren. There is relatively little information about Franz Hostalka on the internet.

• Kevin Rice

Kevin Rice has modeled for brands including Chaps Menswear, Ralph Lauren and Kohl's. Rice has also modeled all over the world, in countries such as Scandinavia and France. He is a Scandinavian-born model who has also played a minor role in a number of American films, including Serendipity and The Woodsman. Rice is signed to Storm Modeling. He is six feet tall with a 32 inch waist and a 40 inch chest. You can check out his Storm profile and modeling portfolio here: http://www.stormmodels.com/KevinRice.html?boardId=1006.

It is most likely that Kevin Rice is the male model you're looking for, due to his role in the Kohl's commercials. It was those Kohl's commercials, along with his Chaps Menswear modeling, which gained him the most public attention. However, Hostalka and McColm are prominent figures in the Chaps Menswear campaigns, so check them out too if Rice isn't the one you're looking for. Happy searching!
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His name is Kevin Rice.
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Matthew Jarrett Buster

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