Why Are Teachers So Bossy?


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Because they either dont have a life out side of there job so they take whatever anger they have on there students but it could also be because they are having problems in there life and they dont know how to handel so they take it out on the closest person to them
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Because the children are naughty they only do this to bind them.
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Betty Boop
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No they don't what you just said is dissreaspecful to children everywhere
Stewart Pinkerton
Now, if you paid attention instead of causing disruption, you might have learned how to spell disrespectful. Respect is *earned*, child!
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Because children need to be disciplined in class.
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 coz children are sooooooooooooooooooooooo naughty
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Mostly because they were naughty themselves in childhood and were bossed around by their own teachers, so they think it is pay back time.
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Because there is something wrong or going on in there lives so they are not happy and take it out on the children so then the children get upset and turn naughty to get back at the teachers
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Teachers are not bossy but if you do something bad she has to shout its for your own good she does not want you to do it again 

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