What is a catchy title for a newspaper article about abe lincoln getting elected?


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Arthur Wright answered
Honesty prevails
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Link In Lincoln for President lol:)
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Simon Templar answered
Elected by Candlelight: The Abraham Lincoln Story
The Incivility of War: The Abraham Lincoln Story
Forefather Lincoln
The Last Honest Politician
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President Abraham??, Abe As President!, Abe is the man in charge now, who wears the countrys trousers?? Find out inside!!=)
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Thanx a TTTTOOOOONNNN!!!!!!!!!(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(: I use "whos wearing the countrys trousers now?" but i used shoes insted of trousers(: THANK U SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!:D:D
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Hehe glad i could help a fellow Drag=)

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