Why won't the President take a position on Boeing Aircraft opening a plant in South Carolina, thereby creating thousands of jobs?


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I think it's because the President's silence on this issue is in fact a tacit consent to his hand-selected NLRB General Counsel Lafe Solomon's actions in engaging economic warfare on behalf of the unions.Obama's appointees could be interpreted as union puppets who are basically tearing apart SC's greatest economic development in decades in their quest to challenge right-to-work state issues.
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The president has bigger things on his mind like withdrawing thousands of troops out of Afghanistan at the moment. Maybe he'll take you up on your offer later. Hes dealing with several wars, left over wars, mini wars and uprisals. Lets give him a small break.
He is just one man who has to serve so many sides.
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Because this was actually in the works under Bushes Admin so Obama cant get no credit here

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