If you could have any occupation in the world what would it be and why?


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The occupation I aspire to have, (hopefully) after I attend University is a Clinical Psychologist. Why? Because I am crazy! LOL Well actually , I just love Psychology , I'm studying it now at college and well its hard but isn't everything?

I love learning about the human mind and how we develop, think , believe things and of course the nature of conformists. It never seizes to amaze me! You learn so much from Psychology and also because I love giving advice and helping people through their situations and plus I'll be working with mental people and that always gives you good experience to dig deep into their minds. Does that not fascinate you guys? Well it grabs me alright!

However there is only one problem... I am currently failing the subject at college! Ahh well , one step at a time! Hope I didn't bore you to death!

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Great career choice! Do you have an option to retake subjects or exams if you don't get the grades you need?
Adila Adila
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Thank you! Yes I do have the option but I have to complete my current course, we do 2 years of our chosen 4 subjects , however we can only drop one subject! I dropped Business... Worst class I ever had! I felt like a fool 8( Plus I don't want to retake subjects , it will take me an extra year! I
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Well for real I want to be in the airforce and then become a doctor, but my fairytale job would be rowing those boats (gondolas) for people in Venice. Because you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while on the job. :)

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