How do you prefer to work? Would you prefer to have a 9-5 job or have flexible working hours?


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I think there are pros and cons to both.

When I was working in hospitality, I always got lumbered with the closing shifts.

By the time I had cashed up, filled all the paperwork, made sure the place was clean and tidy, and locked up - it'd often be around 1-2am.

When I was working in a late night bar, I often didn't get home till 6am!

This wasn't ideal because it meant I didn't have much of a social life (I also worked most Fridays and Saturdays). I tried to make up for that by having a social life at work (which was actually quite easy considering some of the bars and restaurants I've worked in).

I think working those hours was tough because it meant I had little time to spend with my girlfriend (she generally worked 8am-4pm most days). I also had to catch the night-bus home every night which, if you're travelling into central London, can be an "interesting" experience.

On the other hand, working those hours meant my daytimes were free. I found I had more time to go to the bank, watch daytime TV, go shopping, call up utility companies and other businesses that are only open 9-5.

It also meant not waking up till the early afternoon.

Switching to a 9-5 job

I found the switch to a 9-5 job fairly smooth actually, and the bonuses of this set up is I have a lot more time for my family. This has been especially important since the birth of my daughter (she's one year old now).

I can't imagine what it'd be like trying to raise a family when working shifts - although, on second thoughts, considering how sleep-deprived new parents are, maybe it'd actually make more sense!

I think the main inconvenience of a 9-5 job is that you're stuck doing all your routine tasks at the same time that the majority of other people do them.

I never had to worry about being stuck in rush hour traffic or queuing up for lunch at a busy restaurant previously.

I also didn't have to worry about going out on a Saturday night and being crammed into busy nightclub or paying crazy prices for a vodka and coke - mainly because I was on the other side of the bar!

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Lily Bradic , Experience with both, answered

I agree with Kass to a certain extent - there are pros and cons to both, but I still prefer working flexible hours.

Why Flexible Hours Are Better For Me

I find that I work more efficiently with flexible hours, as I can fit work around studying without compromising either.

If you work from home, you can also take breaks whenever you want without wasting company time, which is better for everyone. If you feel your concentration is dropping, you don't have to wait until you get home to recharge your batteries – you can have a nap there and then, and finish your work later on when you're more able to concentrate.

Why A 9-5 Job Is Also Good

Working 9-5 is great if you like routine, and means you can effectively separate your work-life from your home-life.

If you work for a company where everybody is always in at the same time, there's also better sense of team or community than if everybody is working different shifts.

When you're working flexible hours from home, it's easy to spend two or three hours doing one hour's worth of work because you've been distracted by something or taken too many breaks. This doesn't happen if you're working a 9-5 day job.

Ultimately, both types of work have their benefits — it all depends on the individual, and how they work best.

If you find it hard maintaining a high level of concentration and energy for 8 hours, then a 9-5 job probably isn't for you!

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I believe the work place is becoming and will become very flexible.

Generation Y and Z who (Z have yet to reach employment age) digitally work faster than gen X & baby boomers . They will ask why do they have to be in at 9am when they can accomplish so much on their device prior to getting to the office. Why do they have to start at 9am when they are they're their most productive at 6am or any other time? Why do they have to leave work at 5pm when there's so much more to do & even though they're 28 they still live with mum & dad & would rather be at work.

Employers who create a flexible environment will benefit from greater productivity

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I like a bit of both!  Having done both a 9-5 and irregular hours, a combination suits me, a couple of days in the office, a couple out.  But, it all depends on those you work with - if they are round 9-5 you need to be too.

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Yeah I agree, I think I would prefer more flexible working ours if I worked for myself. But, likt you say, you need to be around when the rest of the team are!
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I prefer working in a flexible work style. I think as long as the work is being done the employers should allow flexible hours of working.

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Do you think there's the same motivation though? I wonder if there are actually benefits to having a strict working pattern sometimes..

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