What was your biggest career mistake?


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I have two. I resigned as systems manager from a company in Hertfordshire two days before I was to have been offered a board position (If they'd told me, I wouldn't have quit.) The second was my return from the US West coast to St Albans. I gave up a lifestyle that most people in the UK would give a right arm for (although that would have made the surfing and swimming a little more difficult).

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Ray Dart
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I was a general computer geek - a bit of software, networks, product management, systems design. My bit of the US part of the company I was working for went awry after I left and the whole thing was sold to Agfa a couple of years later. I still do a little bit of software and web design. Specialise in text processing these days. (but I've mainly retired).
Jonh Miele
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How and when you came to know that the company was planning to offer you a board position?
Ray Dart
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I met the company secretary socially (and accidentally) a few months later when he told me the "good" news.

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