Should I put a picture on my resume? What are the pros and cons to doing so?


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Ray Dart answered

It is always nice to be able to put a "face" to the words. (Unless, like me, you have a "good face for Radio".)

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In general, I would advise against including your picture in your resume. Simply the way you look is not one of you skills
so it shouldn't help you get the job, except in cases where the way you look is important to the job. So if you are in a position like modeling or even some sales roles and in those cases I can see putting your picture on your resume making sense.

Another instance including your photo in your resume makes sense would be if the people on a hiring committee would recognize you by your face but not by your name. So if you happened to be someone who spoke at a conferences or met them at career fairs and other situations, then including your picture would give them a clue as to who you are and they can say, "Oh yeah, that's that person who we really enjoyed talking to.

That's someone who we definitely need to include in our pile of candidates to consider."

Other than that, it seems like better practice to not include your picture in your resume.

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Becca Duncan answered

As long as it's a professional one, it can't hurt. They're going to eventually see you anyway. I Go for it. Good luck!

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