Can you give me an example of when you did something without being asked?


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Lynn Blakeman answered

Of course... I am answering your question without being asked :-)

Seriously though, doing something without being asked is so much better than someone having nagging you to do it. Examples of doing something without being asked and being appreciated for the thought are:

  • Making someone breakfast in bed
  • A teenager tidying their room (though I admit this is rare!)
  • Mowing your neighbour's lawn
  • Helping to put chairs away at the end of a meeting
  • Making coffee for colleagues

My neighbour (who is in his 70s) mows my front lawn, I haven't asked him to do it and I do appreciate it, However, I also feel bad because he is a pensioner and I'm not.

I always try to pull my other neighbour's bin back up his drive after the rubbish has been collected. We have to have out bins out on the street, so taking it back in for him helps a little.

Oh, and I can always eat chocolate without being asked... :-)

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