What are the best Minecraft servers providers?


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David Shabazi answered

1.) FragNET (with a 142 positive vote and a 2 negative vote)

2.) MPServ (with a 52 positive vote and a 1 negative vote)

3.) MinecraftServer.net (with a 30 positive vote and a 0 negative vote)

4.) MultiMinecraft (with a 28 positive vote and a 1 negative vote)

5.) Shard Gaming (with a 156 positive vote and a 6 negative vote)

I only listed 5 of the better providers, but if you want the full list, click on the following link: www.bestminecrafthosts.com/

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Amundsen Leung , Dear Questionarre, answered

In my opinion: BETA server is the best


#1: It does not lag, glitch or invite hackers into it

#2: There are many minigames that you can play

#3: You can change your controls

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Sergio Jemas answered

And I thought Minecraft was an endless game. And it's impossible to pass it. Because you play it online with other players. Now I learned something new about this game. Thank you for the information.

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It's good that you decided to ask this question in advance, so personally I can suggest you to pay attention to the excellent servers that are provided on this website, as there you can read about the system requirements and play Minecraft easily. I just think that you need to play only on reliable servers in order to improve the quality of the game and be safe. Good luck friends.

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Karl Sagan answered

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