I tried to register on the edd web-cert and received this "The personal identification information provided is invalid." I am unable to proceed and not sure what the problem is. Does anyone know?


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Firstly, it seems you're not alone in having problems with the EDD website. When researching this question, I discovered a site called, and it seems a lot of people there are having the same issues you are.

I had a look at how other people seemed to get around the problem you're having with that "The personal identification information provided is invalid." message, and here are a few things to try out:

  • Make sure you don't have the wrong phone number in (e.g. Home phone versus cell phone).
  • The weekly amount value you should put in needs to be the same as the amount from the original award letter (before any taxes are held).
  • Double check how your name appears on the award letter. Did they include a middle initial for example?
  • Are you having browser issues? Try using Google Chrome or Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.
  • It is possible that the EDD has the wrong details on record for you. If none of the above have worked, I'd suggest getting touch with them.

    Here's what they say about getting in touch:

    "please contact EDD online using Ask EDD. Be sure to include your full name, social security number, a phone number you can be reached at Monday-Friday from 7am-5pm, and the question(s) you have regarding your claim."
  • If they don't get back to you, I would suggest hassling them on Facebook, as this seems to have worked for other people:

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