It is a busy Saturday and you realize that a customer who just left the store did so without getting change back. He is due almost $20.00 back. What would you do?


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Amanda Layne Profile
Amanda Layne answered

Did he leave it like he was leaving a tip? In that case you can pocket the change.

If they simply forgot it, then I would try and work out who he is, maybe by a store card he has used or whether he is a regular customer... Then, if not, I would just give the money over to the manager who will usually hold it in the store's safe in case he comes back.

If, by Christmas, the customer has not returned, I wouldn't I wouldn't be surprised if the change would go towards some Christmas drinks :)

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Anna Khayalan answered

Ok so I have not held a job yet but if I saw a customer who just left a store
without getting his change back I would try to run after him to return it. I am not such a good runner though so maybe I wouldn't catch up with him, or maybe I would ask a colleague who is faster than me to catch up with him.

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