I need a way to make money from home. ideas?


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Nerissa Ochoa answered

It depends on your skills.  You can have an online business or work from home.  Should you want to try work from home, here are some sites that you can check.

odesk & elance- register for free and create your profile.  Apply to their posts. They offer part time to full time.  However, you need to bid for the rate.  The lower the bid, the more chances of getting considered.

freelance and guru-  You can register for a fee before applying to their posts.  You can work from part time to full time at a fixed or per hour basis rate. registration is for free.  Jobs available are from part time to full time at a fixed monthly rate.

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If you are indeed
interested to earn money from home then I may suggest you some important things,
those will help you to earn money from home. You can find plenty of jobs which
are related to computer like Internet Marketing, Data Entry Jobs etc. But for
this, you have to make your account and profile on some freelancing websites
like, etc. After making your profile very well on
freelancing websites, you will certainly get some online jobs which will be
related to your interest.

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You can start your own online store.  Doesn't cost a lot of money and you can learn the industry on your own.  You can buy stuff in bulk and sell it at your local swap meet. 

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Well earning some decent amount of money from your home is easy these days but there is only one condition. If you have skills related to computing like blogging, seo, affiliate marketing, article writing, handling some high end developers tools like photoshop or gimp  etc

If you really want to earn real cash then step into internet marketing join these forums like warriorforum, cpaelites, cpahero -  just spend some time there and you will get know how to make money from home sitting on the couch.

If you are really good in writing quality articles then join Fiverr and post a gig about your article skill There you can get paid 5$ per article.

If you are good at handling tools like Adobe Photoshop then join Fiverr and get hired by people who need help in GFx.

Also join for Elance, Odesk for more jobs and more opportunities.

I hope this will help you out.

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