What's the most effective way to go about getting a pardon for a felony? My husband has a 13 year old felony a mistake being young and dumb.. He is a good man that deserves a second chance :(


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If your husband is looking to apply for a pardon in Kentucky, there are two parts to consider.

Part 1

Generally, felonies cannot be expunged from someone's record. The only exception is with drug charges.

If that's the case with your husband, here is some documentation that may help (if thats not relevant, skip to part 2)

218A.275bAssessment and treatment program for first offenders of

possession of controlled substance -- Rescission of treatment order --

Voiding of conviction -- Sealing of records.


218A.276bAssessment and treatment program for possessors of marijuana, synthetic drugs, or salvia -- Rescission of treatment order -- Voiding of conviction -- Sealing of records.



All other felonies can only be removed from someone's record through a 'pardon' or 'clemency' application directly to the governor's office.

Being as unhelpful as possible, the KY governor's office hasn't made much information on this available online. But, if you dig around, this is what you can find:

You can request an application by calling 502-564-2611 or by writing to:

Commonwealth of Kentucky
Office of the Governor
700 Capitol Avenue, Suite 100
Frankfurt, KY 40601

If you would like a preview of what the pardon application looks like, the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation has made a copy available here: http://www.cjpf.org/old/clemency/KentuckyApp.pdf

(NOTE: You cannot print out the form and fill it in yourself and submit it, you still need to apply for an official version from the governor's office).

Along with an application form, you will need to provide 2 letters of recommendation in support of your request for clemency.

Technically, anyone can submit a letter of recommendation, but reference from at least one of the following are advisable:

  • neighbors, 
  • employers, 
  • co-workers, 
  • pastors, 
  • church members, 
  • elected officials, 
  • judges, 
  • prosecutors, 
  • family members

All this information has been taken from various websites throughout my research (sources: http://www.cjpf.org/, http://justice.ky.gov/, http://www.expertlaw.com/) and laws and regulations do change over time - so you may still want to seek legal help too.

A lawyer can also help you complete all the paperwork mentioned above, although enlisting an attorney is not mandatory.

Good luck and let us know how you and your husband get on!

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