How can market research help businesses be more competitive?  


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Chloe Corkhill answered

Businesses have long understood the value of conducting market research. Here are a few of the reasons careful and targeted market research can help every ambitious enterprise to stay ahead of the competition:

1. It helps you identify new customers

It will tell you who they are, how old they are, what they do for a living and what they want from your business. Very helpful.

2. It will tell you about your current customers.

You can never understand your customers too well. Find out what they like most about your products / services. Find out what else they'd like to see / receive - then give them it!

3. It will inform your targets and strategies

When you're armed with good data, you can put realistic objectives in place and plan accurately for how to achieve them. Knowledge is power.

So overall, market research has a large part to play in helping any business develop!

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Thanks for the info! But what about email marketing? Is it a good way to make my business more profitable? Does anybody know something about SMTP in email marketing?

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Sergio Jemas answered

This is definitely an effective way to promote your products or business at all. I think that emails are the best method to communicate with customers on the internet. Recently I found interesting website were read a blog about smtp in email marketing. They have a lot of interesting blogs there and also they provide quality email marketing services.

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