What Is The Difference Between Organized And Unorganized Retailing?


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Comparison between organized and unorganized sectors
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Organized retailing is based on the principle of unity and unorganized retailing is based on the principle of singularity. Both organized and unorganized retailing is found in most countries throughout the world. India and China are strong examples of countries in which unorganized retailing dominated their markets. Today these countries have a growing economy because of the influx of organized retailers into their markets.

The demand for giant malls with large department stores, cinemaplexes, supermarkets, and pharmacy chains is the result of higher incomes and urban customers looking for convenience in shopping. Large chains such as WalMart, McDonald's, Microsoft and other organized retailers have reached across the world sharing their retailing expertise.

The unorganized mom and pop retailers and independent retailers continue to fulfil a need. The organized retailing giants are trading organizational expertise for a share of the markets across the world.

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