I am a mom and I want to work, but I can't afford a baby sitter. I need a answer.


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If you have any friends or relatives, they might be able to provide a cheaper alternative.

If you get lucky, some siblings might babysit - just for food.

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I'm guessing you're a single mom. Some workplaces will allow their employees children to come along with them (if it's a baby.) You can ask a relative, or you can get a babysitter and tell them their payment comes at the end of each week, kinda like a paycheck. This way, you'll have time to get your paycheck so you can pay them. Try to shop for things on sale, and use coupons if you have them. You can also set your children up for frequent playdates with other children.

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You can find a home based job so that you can earn and also look after baby.

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I work from home on the internet and I babysit in my home as well. You can do lots of different things from your home with your baby. Babysitting is ideal because you make money and get to have playmates for your own child.

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My sister and I have been working as a Virtual Assistant or an Admin Assistant online, for more than 3 years now. She's a mother and her husband is also working so she benefit from working online. We have also other work online aside from our fulltime VA job.

You can join freelance sites and make use of your skills. For a start, it is good to join freelance sites as this can somehow guarantee payment because you can find reviews or feedback of a specific employer. 

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Yeap I agree with your answers :) I have 2 kids too but I manage to earn extra cash while staying at Home... 

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