How can I earn money online?


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Earning money online can be pretty dangerous.  If you sign up for something like that they are most likely to take it from you than giving it to you. I would recommend looking for a job .

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1.) Surveys

There are MANY online companies out there willing to pay/reward people to take their surveys so they can get information that will be used to improve their products. One big survey company is big

Ofcourse, there are many others out there. You can always do some research to find out.

2.) Minor things, such as getting paid to search.

Bing Rewards can give you up to 15 credits a day for just searching anything through their browser, and these credits can be redeemed for real life prizes (i.e. $5 Amazon gift card for 500 credits). They even have a feature where, if you're a gold member, you get discounts.

Qmee is another program that pays you for searching - and is unlimited. However, the reward won't pop up on your screen for every single search. Sometimes it may take days until you get one, other times within 1 hour or 30 minutes.

That's how the reward will look like on-screen.

If anybody else knows any other sites like these, let me know in the comments - I should start using these.

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If you want to make money fast then you should do some online work like Data entry work, ads posting, online marketing, sells you articles. You should go to freelancing websites like,,, journalism jobs etc and make your genuine profiles. These are the best websites for getting online jobs.

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Try making a website

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Here Are Some Ways to Make Money Online


You can write blogs - If you put some effort into your writing you may make some money writing blogs. Connect with Google Adsense to get paid or something similar. Here are a few examples:

-Hubpages, WordPress, Squidoo, Weebly

(Again, Do your homework and make sure these are right for you)

Transcription work and Tasks

Mturk (Amazon Turk) - It's a website where you complete tasks for money. Now, don't expect to get rich or "make a living" out of it. It's basically slave labor. Lol But it's a good way to make a little pocket change. I can usually make anywhere from $30 to $50 a week. If you sign up go for tasks like Crowdsurf (Transcription) and Crowdsource (Ranking of Urls, Images, and Looking up Keywords, easy stuff) for starters.  Again, slave labor wages a whopping 6 cents to 15 cents approximately per task.

Lionbridge, Appen Butler Hill, Leapforce - These jobs pay in the teens an hour. Some say $15 an hour and up. Make sure you do your homework of the pros and cons. A lot of people like the flexibility and pay. Others complain about the constant webinars and ever changing instructions to these tasks. There are great websites and forums I found so you can research the pros and cons:

Take pictures for money

Lol. I don't mean take selfies and sell them. I mean actual photography. So if you're good with a camera then you can go to these places and companies will pay to use your pics for part of their ads. Good thing is since they don't own the rights to your pics you can sell them over and over again! (Warning: Make sure none of these sites require a fee. Personally, I'm paranoid about stuff like that. So do your homework about doing stock photography and what sites are best for you!)

-Shutterfly, Shutterstock, iStockphoto etc

Acquire Points for Money and prizes

You can do tasks, surveys, games, watch videos for points and turn them in for gift cards, prizes and online cash.

Some sites you may like more than others. It depends on the person. But they are fun. Some people go on these sites so they can acquire gifts for their loved ones, gas money to look for a job, have paypal money for online purchases, or to get gift cards or use the points to buy things on places like Again, you're not going to get rich or anything.

Be careful about surveys and offers. By doing too many offers and surveys you may risk the possibility of having your email inbox bombarded with junk mail. Although, if you want, you can have a separate email for when you sign up for offers or do surveys all the junk email goes there instead of your main email. Some people love to do surveys. Some people don't. It's just a preference.

-Swagbucks , Points2Shop, InboxDollars, Cashcrate, etc.

Rent Your Stuff Out

You can rent out your clothes, storage (garage, shed, extra room in your house), parking space, your car, power tools, vacuum cleaners, etc. You can just about rent anything. Lol

Make sure you look into these sites. I heard you can exchange money through Paypal, require a security deposit and some sites offer a guarantee and reimburse you just in case your stuff gets "lost"  (lol) or damaged. So make sure to look for that.,,

-Heck you can even make crafts and sell them on Etsy

Well, there you go. I probably would put more down. I'm pretty sure I can think of some more, but my brain is overload right now lol.

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Tash Naz , Freelance Writer, answered

Hi there,

There are a number of ways that you can earn money online, I've listed some that I think are more worthwhile and realistic below:

Paid Online Surveys

There are many online survey websites that you can join which can pay you for completing surveys online. Some really good online survey sites that pay for your opinions are as follows:

You can register online to these sites and many of them pay directly to a Paypal account making it a safe and easy way to earn some money online.

Sell items online

There are many online selling platforms where you can sell items online and get paid. Some of the most popular selling platforms are or Amazon. You can register an account and upload pictures of the items you want to sell. Once someone has bought your item all you need to do is post it to them! In addition with websites like ebay you can auction your item to the highest bidder where you may be able to get more money than expected!

Online Talent Portals

If you have a talent such as writing, photography or even making a comical video you can use online talent portals such as to offer your services to clients around the world. You can advertise the service which you provide e.g blogging and people can choose to purchase your service. After you have completed the work online you get paid!

Paid for searching the net

You could get paid for simply searching the net with online sites such as For this type of online work you need to register with the website and they will give you instructions on how to browse and earn money. However it is important to note that you must always check the legitimacy of any paid searching the net opportunities that are online, as there is there are also scammers that operate in many online industries.

I hope this helps to answer your question :)

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You can earn money online with or writing article as a freelance journalist.

There are also some good sites to earn money per click or through social networks.

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Hello. You can earn money on the Internet in different ways. It all depends on what you usually like to do. You can try trading or, for example, a casino. I know that csgo sell skins for real money and I am doing it. I have a lot of skins in cs go, so I sell them online and I get money quickly. Smth like thaaat.

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Most of my choices for good casinos are based on the bonuses and return rates they offer. Higher is better - this is one of the mantras that I rely on when choosing a site to play. Therefore, I chose play bitcoin casino game because I like the design of the site, a large number of games and fast payouts.

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