What's The Difference Between Dbms & Rdbms?


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A data base management system is a collection of programs that enable users to create and maintain a database. It can also be said that DBMS (is a process of managing data for efficient retrieval and storage of data. Hence it is general purpose software that facilitates the processes of defining, constructing, manipulating and sharing databases among various users.

The RDBMS is a database management system that that stores data in the form of tables and there is also a relationship that exists between the tables. In a RDBMS data and information is acquired by the relations or tables.
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Ok well basically, dbms is a database management system but it has a lot of faults and demerits. The system has no data integrity, there is data redundance problems and there is also no relation between tables. In order to overcome all these problems and faults, the rdbms concept was introduced.
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In DBMS,the user can access and manipulate data from the database is easily..but data integrity is not sufficient.it is a collection of programs so the user can easily manipulate the database.....
In RDBMS,user can do any manipulation its related to the table format so the integrity of the data is sufficient to the user..Here some tools are used...oracle DBA,oracle graphics,oracle report writer,sql *plus..these tools are used to manipulate the table contents..
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DBMS is a software program used to managing database. The DBMS consist of three model network model, hierarchical model and relational model.. Now a days we use relational model.
E.F.codd designed 12 rule to describe database model. If all the 12 condition is satisfy then it is called relational model if they satisfy only six it is called DBMS.
If they satisfy the normalisation condition then it is called RDBMS. DBMS do not satisfy the normalisation.
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Database management system has no relation between files and table
relation database management system has a relation between files and tables
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BMS is a ordinary system to maintain the data, whereas  RDBMS is the specific type, which follows the concepts of  set theory i.e entity etc. In DBMS there is no concept of  PRIMARY KEY and FOREIGN KEY but it is included in RDBMS.  DBMS contains only flat data whereas in RDBMS there will be  some relation between the entities.    In DBMS Normalization process wille not be present and in  RDBMS normalization process will be present to check the  database table cosistency

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