What are the different types of print media?


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Print media includes Magazines, posters, banners and newspapers.

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Dear Arnold, there's number of different types of print media. Unfortunately due to the rise in use of digital communications, there's a slight threat to the industry of print media.

However let me tell you some: Books, flyers/ brochures, newsletters, billboards, magazines/ newspapers, banners/ posters.

Hope that helps :)

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Hi there,

There are various forms of print media available in the world today. These range from magazines and newspapers through to books and banners. I've listed more details below:


Magazines come in a range of subject matters from entertainment to home decorating there are a variety of magazines to choose from. This form of print media is used to entertain, inform and educate people according to its subject matter. Magazines are an extremely popular form of print media and has a wide consumer base around the world. Many people choose to read magazines whilst relaxing or while commuting. There are a wide range of national and local magazines that are printed around the world and continue to grow its audience.


Newspapers are unprecedented for being one of the first forms of print media and have a wide combined readership around the world. Newspapers are either printed daily, weekly, quarterly or monthly according to the individual publication. This form of print media is extremely popular and has the purpose of informing people about the world around them and also are read to entertain.

Banners & Posters

Banners and posters are another form of print media specifically used for marketing a brand, service or product. Banners and posters continue to attract a target audience and are generally used by companies to showcase their products or services.


Books are undoubtedly a popular form of print media with international readership it continues to remain a favourite past time for many. There are a range of books that are printed in either paperback or hardback copies and distributed to their respective countries. There are a variety of books in different genres from fiction to non-fiction offering a form of print media for everyone to enjoy.

I hope this helps to answer your question :)

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