How much money does isis have?


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Although nobody can know exactly how much money Islamic extremist group ISIS have, it is clear that they are being heavily funded in a number of different ways, including smuggling, extortion, money laundering, as well as from private donors.

One expert has described these donors as "angel Investors", providing the seed money that helped launch and maintain ISIS and other militant groups.

"These rich Arabs are like what 'angel investors' are to tech start-ups,
except they are interested in starting up groups who want to stir up
said NATO Supreme Commander James Stavridis. 

The Daily Telegraph report that over the past six months it is estimated that ISIS and its leaders have gained access to some £1.2 billion. To put this number in perspective, it is greater than the average total military spending in Ireland. 

There is a concerted worldwide effort to try and track the funding of ISIS and follow the transactions back to their source. FinTRAC, Canada's financial intelligence agency is a key part of a team of police and other intelligence agencies conducting these investigations.

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