What Is The Importance Of Computer In Transportation?


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Computers have become extremely important to every aspect of our lives. They became everyday tools in the 1990s and our lives will never be the same again and we cannot imagine a world without them. Computers ensure we can input data extremely quickly and easily and find fact, figures and virtually any information we require at the click of a mouse. They ensure we can accomplish many tasks in a fraction of the time, it would have taken a lot of time prior to the use of computers. Computers can also store a massive amount of data in an extremely small space, meaning it is all kept together and is easily accessible and we no longer need excessively large filing cabinets.

Like all other professions, computers have changed the way the transportation industry works. Computers and IT technology are used throughout the transportation process. Computers will be involved in the initial contact a company will have with the transportation company, such as researching them and reading about them on their website. A course of emails will probably be sent to establish whether or not the two companies would be compatible to work together. Computer software has been developed to arrange how the specific items will be stacked during transportation to ensure the use of space, either in a container or vehicle, is used most efficiently. Handheld computers will often be used by the couriers to scan the product that is being transported to prove it has been picked up and register it in their personal computer system so it can be kept track of during the transporting procedure. The customer is provided with information to track the progress of the transport meaning the customer has peace of mind and if it goes missing, they know where to begin looking.

Computers will also be used in GPS navigational systems to ensure whatever is being transported is picked up from the correct location and taken to the new location using the least amount of miles and ensuring fuel and time efficiency.
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