I feel unmotivated to start my own YouTube channel for math videos, but I feel that my videos won't get watched since there's many popular math channels out there already. Any suggestions/comments?


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Make it fun, than just informational. Have a theme or something that is unique to your channel.

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I would recommend trying to find a USP: Unique selling point. Is there some indication from comments on similar videos that there might be an angle or service that is in demand, but which other math channels don't offer?

Maybe there's a way to get feedback from the community and to bounce ideas around?

Most of all though, have fun and do something different. That always resonates with people, no matter the subject matter.

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Just because the other channels are popular doesn't mean you can't give out better quality videos. And explain everything better. Of course you're gunna help people and they will watch.

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Go and watch several of these channels. See what makes them great and then incorporate those ideas into your own original idea. Whatever you do, be absolutely sure that you make your channel your own. Don't just copy someone else's style, as that will make your channel seem bland and used. Good luck on your endeavor my friend.

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David Shabazi
David Shabazi commented
One thing I haven't noticed in the other channels is they don't address the common mistakes that students tend to make, and they also don't address any tips and tricks in their videos. Maybe I could make my own video series on those two areas?
Corey The Goofyhawk
Ahh, see the spark of inspiration has struck! I especially like the common mistakes part. I could have learned a great deal just from that. Excellent idea! Go forth and multiply! (See what I did there ;)).
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Yes, get motivated. The people who make it, they don't worry about what everyone else is doing. They create their own way. If you already know what is out there, figure out a fun way of doing it that you enjoy, that is different. Try and stand out a little. Be unique to you and don't worry about getting lots of followers right away. If you do good, they will build in numbers!

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