What kind of cement does the dentist use to cement acrylic dentures to implants?


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Many of us older people are familiar with the word "dentures" because many of our parents hand them.  And at that time, dental implants were not available technology, so those dentures were "removable."

Nowadays, however, dentures---partial or full---can in fact be "fixed" and are frequently cemented to implants.

Here's a link you might look at:  www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21119130

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I agree that the link to the cement was wrong.

However, my wife has fixed dentures attached to implants due to a car wreck as a young adult.

This is her last "redo" and this technology was available to her.
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The accident was almost 40 years ago. I don't know much about prosthodontics.

I do know the dentist had here sign a paper acknowledging that she understood that removing the denture after she changed her mind would probably destroy the denture to the point that the whole thing would have to be replaced.

She had lost the teeth across the front of her mouth in in her upper jaw.  
For various reasons (that I don't particular want to know about) I think an additional tooth or 2 was included in the replacement over the years.

I think they are pretty durable unless someone targets your mouth with a baseball bat---lol

And I would expect this will probably be the last redo unless age affects the situation in the future.

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