I've been unemployed for almost 5 years. Since graduating college, I have paid work exp., volunteer work exp, a 4 year. college degree, and have written/published two books. Why can't I get hired for a job to support myself?


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This is a common complaint. Too many people are still out of work; too many companies relying on filtering software for all the applications they receive so you never get a chance to get past the screening gate.

You don't reveal your age, so I'm not sure if it's your age that's getting you bumped.

However, check out the Goodwill in your town; many Goodwill stores are doing job preps nowadays to help get people hired. Check with your city, as well, to see what services they are offering. Also, check with your local library. Because so many people are struggling to land a job, many businesses have opened up and started helping people get hired.

I went to an employment agency myself about two years ago; I only got placed with one company who eventually hired me on.

Don't give up. Keep networking. Good luck.

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