What are you disturbingly good at and why?


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Laying tile because I've been doing it for 40 years.

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Ancient Hippy
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Happy, you supply me with pizza and coffee while I work and you get a new floor.
Ancient Hippy
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Believe me Happy, workers LOVE to be fed. My crew and I were building a log home worth a couple of million dollars and the owners fed us a southern feast. We had steaks, shrimp, baskets of fresh caught blue claws and beer, all cooked at the job site. This was every single Friday for the 4 months it took to build. We all went above and beyond for these customers and 20 years later, I still stay in touch with them. She calls me every year on my birthday.
Ancient Hippy
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They both work in D.C. and we could never ask them what they did. It was the first thing they said to us when we met.
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I don't think I would call it disturbingly good but I'm pretty good at keeping peace with people and always having an open mind. Always had a knack at keeping people together like friends.

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I am oddly good at the game show Catchphrase.

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