Would like to know how to adress a training application letter, a sample precisely, or is it same as a formal letter and job application letter?


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loretta jane lee elamargomez , your welcome, answered

Use this pm if you want information on what to write


Your name
Complete address

Name of the receiver
Job title of the receiver
Name of business or organization or company
Complete address

Dear Mr./Ms. ______ (name of the receiver):

My name is ______, and I am writing you to seek for permission on use in the school ground. This will be used as the venue for Football Academy games to be held on Monday.

This is a great venue for more than 20 football teams across the country who will be competing together. Also, since it is a nationwide event, the school will garnered great publicity.

Please contact me at ______ (your phone # and/or email address) if
you are able to help.

Thank you for your time and for considering this request.


Your name typed.

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