Why do people buy books and DVDs at Barnes and Noble when you can get them online or at other stores much cheaper?


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We treat Barnes & Noble as an entertainment destination.  The kids spend time looking through books, my husband loves looking through technical books and then we get coffee and a snack.  I love B&N.  I like browsing through stuff.  I see things I wouldn't have thought to read.

We used to have a Borders close by, but it closed.

I much prefer going into a physical bookstore.  The author of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" opened a bookstore near were I live and I go once a month.

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I think, for some, they want the immediacy of having that new item in their hands right then. Me, I'm old. I can wait. If I can't wait, I go to the Library and borrow the book. Then I go on eBay and search for a great bargain. I refuse to spend more than $10 (which includes shipping) on CD's, DVD's, books, etc. So I will exercise great patience as I wait for the ideal sale with the right seller on eBay. I waited and waited for a DVD to go lower in price (Experiment on Terror) and the price finally went down to $12 with $2.99 in S&H. So, broke my own rule on that one. I think that wait was about 11 months.

I love bookstores. I would run one if I had the money to do so. However, I like the pricing that I can get online. Most of the independent bookstores here in our town have closed due to the competition from Borders and Barnes and Noble.

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I don't do B&N ... But not because I can get stuff cheaper/faster online.  But because I prefer going to used book stores, and seeing what treasures I can find. 

I once found a book written by the great-grandfather of a coworker, about his experience in Astoria and going to the Alaskan gold fields.  The coworker had no idea the relative had even written a book.

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I don't think we have Barnes and Noble in the UK, but I'm guessing it's like Waterstones which is basically a huge book shop (although I don't think they do CDs) but you can't really get books anywhere else, so that's why I buy them there. I don't really trust online shopping, I much prefer to go into a shop to buy something. Also, books don't really lose value the way other items do, so when you're done with it you could sell it on for a very similar price that you paid for it so you're not losing much money, whereas you can't do that with ebooks. 

Personally, I hate reading off a screen, I'd much rather have a physical paper book. Also, I love the kind of organised clutter books give a room :)

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Maybe because books stores seem to be going out of business (Books a million, bd daton, waldebooks, etc) and they like having a book store they can use so they support it with their business.

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