Is it bad if I quit my job after 3 days? I absolutely HATE my job (taco bell). They didn't train me well enough.The other employees are mean. No time to rest. Idk what I'm supposed to do.


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From our end it is difficult to ascertain your real situation. So many folks will comment or answer negatively because of what they might have experienced personally. I for one, many, many moons ago was in a similar situation. Poor management, poor training, and a group of very disgruntled fellow employees. I guess I had thick skin and a very hard head. I put up with the, what is called now, verbal abuse and snide remarks. Each day I wondered why I stayed on. Then I remembered I needed the money. Eventually all the negativity towards me disappeared. I stayed on for 6 months till I was drafted.

If you have the means to survive without the job quit if not stick to it and ignore the rest. Rise above your circumstances.

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