Is it OK to wear wet socks all day? My feet are all blistered from my watershoes I have to wear for work. I only have 2 more days left > Ijust don't wanna grow some sorta foot fungus


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Call me Z answered

No, bad idea. You need to get your feet clean and dry as soon as possible. Those blisters will only worsen of you don't. 

Dakota  Mackenzie Profile

It'll break the skin even more. I went on a field trip, got water in my boots and continued to wear them because my shoes were left at school.. We were there for the rest of the day and when we finally got back, my skin was raw and I had a HUGE blister on my smallest toe :c Keep your feet dry and you'll be good! 😊

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Shuxing Dang answered

No, you'd better keep your feet clean and dry, or those blisters will be worsen. You can find some comfy funny socks, dress socks for yourself.

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