What's a local news story from where you live?


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

The latest news story I saw was on my Facebook feed earlier today about a recall for Sara Lee bread involving glass fragments. North Carolina is included in the recall. Best of luck to you.


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Someone executed a local law enforcement officer. Shot him for no reason from behind while he was pumping gas. 10 year veteran with a wife and kids killed for absolutely no reason at all other than the shooter was a racist *****!

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Woof Woofy answered

A big power outage that lasted almost 2 days for some. Due to a big wind storm... My neighbourhood lucked out.

My parents didn't have power for 26 hours they said.. Some people 30+ hours so far.

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yeahsure linda answered

A mom here drowned here 2 year old twins in the bathtub. The family caught her trying to drown her 3 year old too. She was in court this morning sayin " I thought they'd be better off dead than with me as their mother".


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We had over 80 dragons living in the city this summer, but this weekend they will all be removed. Sad times, my daughter loved spotting them as we walked around the town!

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A 13 year old went on trial for stabbing a 9 year old last year at the park with a knife he brought from his house. He stabbed him because he wanted to die himself or go to jail, so he figured he'd stab a random innocent child on the playground..and the 9 year old died. That's a story from a few counties over in a bigger city. Nothing really happens in my town.

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