Is it possible to teach both subject areas Math and English ( Grammar and Essay Writing)?


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It is probably possible, but you would never have enough time to prepare etc. to do both well. English especially, with reading, evaluating, and marking papers. Teaching is not a 9-5 job.

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I think you could do it.  I had teacher friends that did. It would be easy to get a job because schools always need English and/or math teachers.

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O.K.  I'm a little woozey at the moment; however, I would like to suggest and comment. Is your question about the ability to teach math and essay english writing?  Or is your question about do women and/or men teach this at the same time... And if so, have any of us been in classes that do so?

Bare with me here. #1.  Yes.  There are many talented and wonderful people who have the ability to teach both english and math.

#2.  Yes.  I went to public schools where the same person was able to teach and assign homework for both.

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There are little to no teachers at my school who don't teach more than one subject, although most of them specialise and teach their 'secondary' subjects to grade 7, 8 and 9 students as well as their specialty

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If you are absolutely brilliant in both (like me) and a good teacher (possibly unlike me) you might get away with it. Teachers should specialize in two subjects. Teaching and their core subject.

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