Why does my boyfriend (who is employed) want my check?


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Ask him directly. Your answer will be there.

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Exactly! people sometimes ask their personal matters on Q & A sites & that's too strange & i don't know how they can't realize some answers are personal & will be done inside your life not in some site!
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If you are living with him, you should be paying your share of the rent, utilities, and food bills. Other than that he shouldn't want or need your check. And if you are living with him, just give him a check for your share and keep the rest separate.

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Why would you consider giving your boyfriend your check?

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No one can answer that question .. But him.  He could have any number of reasons to request it .. From being overly controlling to being greedy.  Who knows .. Well, I suppose HE would.

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The only person you could get the correct answer from is the source itself.... Your boyfriend.

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