What is everyone's thought about tipping movers? I'm moving next week, and I know I am going to tip the movers, but should I do it up front before they start, or after they are finished?


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PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

After they finish. After you see the condition of your belongings. I got a TV back with a hole in it. No tip there.

Cookie Roma Profile
Cookie Roma answered

I moved last May and I ripped my movers    Thing is since the tip is a show appreciation for the level of service, you need to first experience the service (or lack thereof). 

HelpStop AnimalAbuse Profile

Definitely after they have finished. You only tip after the service you paid for has finished.

Yvette na Profile
Yvette na answered

Definitely do it afterwards. They will do a better job that way because they will know getting tip depends on how well they work.

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