How much are muskrat furs going to be worth this year?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

From last year :

  • Muskrat – $9.05
  • The past few years have been good for muskrat trappers, and we’ve been getting used to $7-10 rats.  That era may be over, at least for the near future.  ‘Rats have been trading at $5-6 lately.  Most of the market is going to the Chinese, and they have a lot of unsold stock.  The latest NAFA auction saw pretty big declines in muskrat prices.  The overall average for Large to 3XL rats was $6.23, but the smaller ‘rats only averaged $2.59.  All in all, that’s still a good price for something as small and easy to trap as a muskrat, but it’s uncertain whether the market will hold.
  • That's in early 2015.

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