Is pole dancing a sin?


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Holly, everything worth doing has been labelled "sin" by the God squad. No doubt they consider pole dancing a sin too. In fact it's become a very popular exercise routine. Wish I could do it. :)

Check out the level of athleticism and skill required for this video. If she did it at the Olympics she'd be in the running for a gymnastics medal. How can it be sinful?

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Didge Doo
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To do it at the top level it surely requires as much skill and strength as the other gymnastic routines. Who knows? Maybe some enlightened country will introduce it as a routine when they get to host the Games.
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I hope not, it's just great interpretive entertainment.

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Bikergirl Anonymous
With only one plausible interpetation .. I would be difficult to misinterpret the intent of this form of entertainment .. It's not like someone is advertising tires now is it?
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It's kind of like Playboy Magazine. Most men read it for the articles.
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All nationalities dance, why would it be a sin if a Pole danced?

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Yes ... Every single deity has forbidden Poles from dancing.  Yet, they insist on doing it anyway.

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My first reply would be that citizens of Poland deserve a bit more credit...

But then, perhaps if it is done really badly...


I think it depends on how you perform. Not all of us can do the pole dancing! For me, it is a gift for them to those who know how it is done, it is a special talent!

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