Should teachers be able to carry guns at their workplace?


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I would like to say yes. But some kids are resourceful when it comes to taking things that don't belong to them.

Did you know not all that long ago, relatively speaking, that they taught shooting in high schools? My brother-in-law belonged to his high school's gun club. They competed against other schools in the area. Funny how you didn't hear about school shootings then.

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You make a good point. In Australia (I think it happens in the USA as well) court room security/officers do not carry weapons as it would be easy for some one or some people to overpower them & get there gun.
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They're not even allowed to carry canes any more. Why on earth would they carry guns?

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To possibly lessen the deceased body count in a school mass shooting & possibly a teacher could kill the shooter in this situation.
Didge Doo
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We're both in Oz, my friend. We have effective gun laws and no school shootings.
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I have lost the plot today. I hope there are no school shootings but people like Martin Bryant are a concern to all of us. I know that the National Rifle Association in the USA will never agree to a weapons amnesty but it shows it can work.
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What the heck is that question :??  Of course they should never carry guns. Otherwise they're not teachers.

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Teachers carrying guns is a very bad idea. Way back in the day, when "The Black Board Jungle" actually existed teachers used their wits not guns.  Now a taser or two might help some but guns and kids don't mix.

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I don't think the teachers should but we need armed cops or security company guards at every school  with big guns let's not have another sandy hook

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