Should the Government implement a "Fat Tax"? (Serious question & not intending to offend anyone).


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How would you regulate that? By just simply looking at them? If they're fat, they get taxed more? What if they had an out of control thyroid problem? Would that exempt them from the tax? What if they had polycystic ovarian syndrome? Would their doctor have to submit paperwork proving there was an actual reason why they couldn't lose weight?

In the society that we live in now, with no one being held accountable for their actions, if you attempt to enact such a tax, they would be a mass exodus to their doctor's office to get their exemption.  After they had gotten their exemptions, they would be flooding the media about how unfair this is and how they need a safe zone to talk about their issues.

So, you can't tax someone in order to shame them into losing weight. It's not going to work.

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Danae Hitch
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Yes, I was thinking the same thing.
Jann Nikka
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Folks are always finding something wrong with someone else.
Government could tax those with other diseases, mental illness, smokers and anyone else with health problems that drain public hospital system.
Danae Hitch
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Yep, yep and double yep. :D
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Like Danae said, how would you control that? I heard on the news that the government is thinking of having a tax on sugary drinks. Perhaps thats a way to do it? Having a higher cost for more unhealthy foods would mean that people would probably buy less, or buy a healthier (and therefore cheaper) alternative.

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Taylor Brookes
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I'm not suggesting that, but our health care service is already under a lot of strain, and if something is easy to prevent and will save vast amounts of money, resources and time, why wouldn't you do it?
Maurice Korvo
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Why not educate people rather than penalizing them? Education will not only get rid of current problem, but eradicate future problems.
Taylor Brookes
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We ARE being educated. We have been for years, certainly since I started school at least (in 2002) so that's more than 10 years and it's getting worse. Education isn't doing anything so we need to try something else. I don't know what that would be - I don't have all the answers - but we need to do *something* otherwise it will just continue to get worse and worse.
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That's exactly what's needed Government Taxes on every illness, disease, sickness, mental and physical ailments. I vote more taxes. That'll get people to lose weight, then they can have a Skinny Tax.

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In a way, it's already happening, not so much with the government per say, but with insurance companies.....requiring their members to join a "wellness program" or be charged more for their insurance a month. Not only that, but you must meet the "standard mold" that is defined by the insurance company. If you are overweight, you must loose so many pounds or be penalized monetarily on your premiums. If you smoke, you're charged more, if you don't smoke, you must take a blood test to prove it, if you're charged more. Unreal.

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