How Much Does A Mortician Get Paid Per Body?


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88 million dollars
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Are you sure? I Looked it up on Wikipidea and couldnt find anything! How did you find that out?
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Morticans don't work per body,they have a fee for each thing they do,they own the business and have to pay their workers, be it the hair dresser,the barbar,they maintain there own wardrobe for you to pick from,most have their own florist,grave diggers,casket cortorium,and they charge you the entire insurance policy plus if you are that gullible,because you can purchase clothes or use something from the deceased wardrobe you can do the hair or have a barbar cut the hair if it needs cutting,you can purchase a casket from the same place they buy them from and have it delivered to the funeral home that cuts out a third party, a lot of people are not aware of this and because it is such a difficult moment most people want to do the best for the person considering this is the last thing you can do for them. The funeral directors know this and plays on a persons emotions,but these prices can be beat,if you calm down and do your research,of course they get paid for preparing the body, but it can be cut drastically...    

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