What do you think about the idea of charging for plastic bags distributed at the check out of a grocery store?


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I'm in favor of charging for them. In fact , they should increase the price to an outrageous amount encouraging customers to bring their own reusable bags more often. Those discarded plastic things stuck on trees aren't Christmas decorations. Torn up into little pieces, these bags eventually find their way into our rivers, lakes and oceans. And you know the rest of the sad story....

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As usual, the ones that this will effect the most are people who can afford it the least   

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Good point !
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I remember when they went to plastic bags to "save trees." I asked what about all this plastics that will live longer then us humans . Every time you see (like on the news) a landfill you see gazillions of plastic bags all over the place.
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The cost is minimal and a one time cost. I have bags in my truck that I have been using for two or three years and they are still quite serviceable. You can probably find reusable bags at thrift stores or even get them for free off Freecycycle or Craigslist.
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Some stores in my area already do. I'm in favor of anything that will reduce the use of those darn bags. We also have have a local chain of stores that give you a 3 cent credit on your bill for every reusable bag that you use to pack your groceries.

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There has been a ban on plastic bags where I live for a couple of years now. To be honest it's a pain in the rear end. Yes, I sleep better at night because we are helping our environment, but it's really inconvenient and it really pisses me off sometimes. First our lawmakers just banned them. As a tax paying, voting constituent, I had no say. Because it's SO politically correct everyone feels guilty for being pissed about it. I read in the L.A. 

Times about the true cost of banning bags. People have lost jobs over it. Plants where these bags are made have shut down. People who struggle to buy groceries now have to buy bags. Because it's so politically correct no one is allowed to voice opposition, or you are shamed for it.

In my personal opinion after weighing the pros and cons, in the end, it's not worth it. Not with the system that they have in place here now. They won't change the system because we CAN'T complain. We just have to walk around feeling superior because our cities are just SO politically correct. Oh pat US on the back. We are saving the ENVIRONMENT! Go Us!!! But because I have an image of a poor Sea Lion with a bag handle wrapped around his neck, I'll go and get my wad of reusable PLASTIC bags, grin, and bear it. But I am NOT happy about it!

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I wouldn't do it because I always ask for paper bags or I have a half dozen cloth grocery bags I take with me so I don't need to use their bags. I never use plastic ones anyway. They've been talking about doing that here for years now and it's never happened. Solution ? Buy your own permanent bags.

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The store near my place charges 5 cents a bag, but they stack their empty boxes within reach so you can use your own cloth bags, re-use old plastic bags, or pack everything in a box. (boxes make it a lot easier unloading the car too.)

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I purchased 3 reusable plastic bags.

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Well I always try to remember to keep a recycling bag in my pocket or car. That said, I've still been caught out on a few occasions, one particular day I was buying underwear and was asked if I wanted a bag, I had to purchase one, because let's face it no one wants to exit a store with underwear in their hands O_O

I wouldn't mind so much if the government weren't considering adding runways to Heathrow, Gatwick and Luton. On top of the fact that there are cheaper and less toxic fuels we could run our cars on. The Prius may be promoted as being good for the environment as a hybrid car, but it's toxic battery is a recycling nightmare waiting to happen.  

So for me it is the hypocrisy of the government which pee's me off, it is ok to green tax us, make us recycle, but if it affects the economy then "screw the planet and everyone's health."

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Many stores around here don't even carry plastic bags, so they charge for paper bags or reusable bags. I think outlawing plastic bags is ultimately a good thing, but they should also just make it easier to get reusable bags.

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