Should child home schooling be supported as a viable option by the government?


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If the home instruction meets the necessary academic standards, and legitimate cause exists for remaining out of public school, then I would agree. I wouldn't support public funding of home schooling.

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Coming from a military lifestyle, I have to say yes. I know several families that home schooled their kids. That way they knew everything was not only covered, but consistant. While it is not for everyone,  there are definitley circusatnces where it is the best option.

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Here, in Australia,to the best of my knowledge any home schooling is not formally recognised by higher education bodies. In the USA are any home schooling actually recognised by Universities etc?? I think like most things there are positives & negatives to the argument. The parents are not qualified teachers & may only teach them what they think is important & not what they NEED to know.
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Merry Xmas by the way. It's 16.20 on Xmas day at the moment. I can imagine it must be getting close to midnight where ever you are. We are having a very quiet family day at home. Nice & cool. It's usually hot on Xmas day in Australia. Do you get any snow where you are?
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Merry Christmas! No snow! I live in FLorida and we are having record highs. I think it was 86 F degrees (30 C degrees).

As for the home schooling here most states require regular testing for those home schooled to see how the students are progressing. Everyone I know who has home schooled had a college degree. Plus we have college entrance exams you must pass to get into a university. I have actually known a home schooled student to enter into university 2 years early. Something that most likely would not have happened through traditional schooling.

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