How many pets have you had in your life?


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Ancient Hippy answered

Numerous dogs, a few cats, tropical fish, gold fish, tarantula, a horse, chickens, ducks, a squirrel, 2 sheep, 2 goats and I'm sure that I'm forgetting a few.

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Danae Hitch answered

I shared a dog with my family growing up. I've owned 8 cats thus far in my adult life. Four were cats that were inbred and none lived longer than two years.

One was a rescue kitten that got stuck in a storm drain. A coworker's daughter held the kitten's head up in the drain and waited for her dad to get off work to come help her. That kitten had Hydrocephalus (water on the brain). She lived with us until she was about 8 months old. We had to put her down as her condition worsened.

I share my house now with two cats, one is 13 years old and the other is 17 years old. All they do is sleep on my bed all day long and complain that they're hungry.

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Lard Ass answered

Dogs, fish, horses, chickens, rabbits, a grey fox and many more I'm sure I'm forgetting!

HappyTo BeHereTo Profile

There is no way this old lady could recall the dozens and dozens of animals we've rescued.  My childhood home was filled with furry, feathered and scaly souls.  I'm honored to continue the family tradition.  ❤️

Zack -  Mr. GenXer Profile

Haha!! Nice try. I don't remember.

SuperFly Original Profile

4 dogs, 3 hamsters, 2 birds, 3 cats, 1 frog, and one other reptile but I cannot remember the type (too young at the time)

Yep, a Zoo. It does not seem as MUCH when you have moved between the span of their lives.

Me wants teh food:

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PJ Stein answered

My best recollection, 7 dogs, 5 cats, and a turtle. If you want to add the kittens from the litters one cat had, I think you can add another 16 kittens. (That cat would get pregnant so fast after having one litter I couldn't get her in to get fixed. I finally took her as soon as the last litter was weaned.)

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Ally Gh answered

One dog, one cat, one turtle, one squirrel, one hedgehog, lots of cute little chicks

PS: I live in an apartment now so I can't have a pet anymore

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