Why does my teacher hate me? She keeps on picking me to answer questions that no one knows- why does she expect me to know? And she teases me, tells the class that it's our 'little inside joke' but the 'inside jokes' actually really hurt...


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OK. I'm going to just throw this out here: Lighten up. Your teacher is teasing you, having a bit of fun. Learn to toss it back to her and move on with your day.

If you're feeling really frisky, then see your teacher before or after class or before or after school and just talk to her. They aren't monsters, you know. Share what you're feeling and learn to work it out.

As for calling on you, that's their prerogative. Learn to answer well, come prepared and don't be caught off guard. Once she knows you're prepared, she'll move on.

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Teasing is usually based in some kind of veiled hostility although the one doing the teasing may be unaware of their motivation.

That's why it "really hurts."

I don't know how old you are, but you have at least these options:

1) Tell your parents and ask them to speak to the teacher.

2) Talk to your school counselor.

3) Talk to your teacher and tell her how what she is doing feels hurtful.

Repeat if and as necessary.

You are worth way more than that.  

She has no right to be doing that to you.

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If you feel the teacher is embarrassing you, talk to her either before or after class. If it continues after that then talk to your guidance counselor. But in all honesty, it sounds like the teacher is trying to challenge you and bring you out of your shell a bit. It sounds like she knows you are smarter than you think you are. You can try to rise to the challenge.

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Because your Anonymous. Take off your maskđź‘ş and confront her.

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